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I would love to have your review for this page.
If you have taken my classes, online or in-person, and you enjoy them,  please email me your review and I will post it here.
Thank you so much for your kindness in taking the time to write a review for me. :)

I walked into Angee’s yoga class 3 1/2 years ago weak, out of shape, and with a dangerous cholesterol level of 305. I knew I had to make serious changes in my life. Finding Angee was a blessing. She makes every student feel welcome and always offers modifications to help each student excel at their own pace without feeling out of place in the classroom.  In her class I always feel like it’s not about how hard I am pushed, but how much I can do my best. Her knowledge and expertise is top-notch. Today my cholesterol is down to 180 and at 54 years old I am stronger than I was in my 20s because of Angee’s classes. Her playlists along with the vibe in the studio allows me to challenge myself while staying in the mental “zone” I need to stay centered and mindful, which is such an important part of yoga. Angee’s yoga is a wonderful, special place that has healed me in many ways and I highly recommend!
Kim Allred 9/24/2018

I have been practicing with you for a year. I want you to know the difference you're teaching has made in my life. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it effects all of my joints. I have had one back surgery and my Neurologist told me 5 months ago that he would need to put 4 plates and a rod in my back. I came to you about increasing my practice. Your encouragement allowed me to start a daily routine practice. A few weeks ago  my Neurologist told me that the combination of strengthening my body and core was sufficient for me to forego the surgery. He released me and told to keep doing what I was doing. You’re teaching and encouragement have made a profound difference in my life. I will be forever grateful. 
All the Best

Tim Lutz
Angee’s Yoga classes have made a huge difference in my well being. Maintaining flexibility and balance is essential for people my age. Angee does an astounding job of helping students progress through the life changing study of Yoga. I enjoy her classes very much.
Tim Lutz  8/27/18
​Angee is an excellent yoga and fitness instructor. I have neuropathy and balance issues. I have benefited greatly from the breathing and position techniques. I was amazed how both my mind and muscles were engaged. She is always positive and caring. I feel wonderful after completing a session with her!!!
​Diane Benedyk,  6/19/18
I don't know if I can write something that would convey how wonderful your teaching is, Angee.  I really appreciate how you allow all your students to become partners in the class structure.  And there is no greater form of devotion than the guidance and care you give in reading scripture and offering refreshing cloths.
Thank you!
Melinda Remley, 8/23/18
I am fairly new to practicing yoga in a group setting and the early Monday warm yoga was the first class I ever attended .  With Angee's gentle teaching and fun routines I have grown tremendously and this one class has helped me expand into taking other classes regularly.  The spiritual focus and the love of yoga starts each week just right.  I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement, the learning and the challenges you give so freely.  Thank you!!!
Aline Lewis 8/27/18



This month marks 7 years of Power Yoga with the same teacher Fit with Angee, Angee Casson. The first photo is called Compass pose and was taken 5 years ago. It’s NOT about how high you lift the leg, but about posture. Today I got my elbow behind the head, spine is straighter, heart open, and chin lifted. The second photo is called King Pigeon pose, taken 4 months ago (really challenging for me). Today you can see my posture is improving, spine lifted higher, and elbows moving farther behind my head reaching for the foot. Seven years ago I couldn’t finish my first Yoga class. Now I’m almost 58 years old and Yoga practice has changed my life. It’s never too late to start Yoga and Angee’s classes are for all levels of practice.

I started practicing Hot Yoga with Angee at the downtown YMCA, about 3 1/2 years ago, when they started offering the classes.  Angee is an amazing & truly inspirational instructor.  She does such a fantastic job of creating fun and challenging practices, with great playlists.  She is really easy to follow and she always gives modifications, so that it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, her class will work for you.  I love how she wraps class up with an inspirational reading and how she spoils us with cool lavender cloths on our foreheads and cold peppermint water on our feet!
Cassie Quinn, 8/23/18
Angee's classes are some of my favorites. She can teach anything from a gentle flow to a crazy hard power workout, and I enjoy them all. She gives clear instructions and plenty of adaptations. She encourages her students to push themselves without pushing too far. And when you're in her classes, you know that she cares--not just about yoga, but about you as well.
Jean Pace 9/1/18 
Hi Angee!
  I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how Absolutely Amazing you are, and also Thank You for that!!
You have created and hold such a Sacred space for us in your class. It is SO safe and healing and feels like home.
Even for those of us that never had a safe home…. We do in your class.
I don’t think you will ever fully know or understand how Deeply the Holy Spirit uses you to Claim us as his Own and Love us in this Confusing Dark world.
But he does this through your Yoga Ministry. And you are a Game Changer here on this Planet.
I have been doing Yoga for over 20 years and never have had a Yoga teacher who comes close to putting as much Heart and Soul into Every single class!!
And on top of ALL of that, makes Every Student feel like they are Your Favorite.
It reminds me of a quote I heard a long time ago about Jesus, that “He Loves Each One of us as if there were Only One of Us.”
I am So Very Blessed by His Works and Love ALIVE in You!!!
Thank You Beautiful Sister!!!!

Julie Spalding
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