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Morning Rituals and Daily Disciplines

Do you have a morning ritual?

Daily disciplines help me to stay focused and on track with my goals and intentions and a morning ritual is key to starting my day off right.

My morning ritual consists of weighing myself before I leave the bathroom to head downstairs. I have tracked my weight for decades and this habit has helped to keep me at the same weight I have maintained since I was a teenager. While I am waiting for my first cup of coffee to make, I unload the dishwasher and then I enjoy my coffee as I check my emails and social media. Once I have a couple of cups of coffee and I am awake, I will read my bible. I then check my paper planner and plan my day.

I have checklists in my planner to make sure I get my personal exercise in, read my bible, drink my water, take my vitamins and work on the things I want to get better at (handstand, pullups and various arm balances). I make sure I complete all these things during the course of my day. This is how I meet my goals and stay on track!

I am a planner geek and I love to decorate my planner. I decorate the entire month before hand. I realize how geeky this is, but decorating my planner is very relaxing and therapeutic for me. I add in bible verses and encouragement for each week so that when I get to that week, I am gifted with a verse and encouragement. My planner is key to helping me stay on track with my goals.

This is next week’s schedule:

Do you have a morning ritual? Do you keep a planner?

Share your ritual or planner in the comments.

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