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Free Health Insurance and Health Care for 2021

I am stunned by the health insurance 'gift' we have been given this year. I am sharing it with you because it is relevant to a healthy lifestyle. My husband’s employer switched health insurance carriers and the new insurance gives you a reduced Deductible and Co-pay based on how healthy you are. You pay less if you do not use tobacco products, your weight and BMI are normal, and your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are normal. The idea is to give employees an incentive to get regular health care screenings and to improve their health bio markers. #healthylifestyle

My husband is 55 years young. He started working out when he was 16 and he has continued to work out and live a healthy life to this day. We have worked out and tried to eat a healthy diet for most all our 34 year marriage. God has blessed both of us with good health. #healthychoices

This year, our healthcare is completely free. I am still stunned by that. Based on my husband’s health test results and personal habits, we do not have to pay for our insurance, and we do not pay any deductibles or co pays. If we need to have any scans or be hospitalized, we do not have to pay for those services. We are covered 100%. All of our doctors accept this insurance. We will pay $0.00 for health care and health insurance this year.

I am simply stunned!

I wonder if this is a new trend in insurance? Whether it is or isn’t, it always pays to try to improve your health. Start now! Living a healthy life saves you money in the long run, and if you have the right insurance, it can save you money right now!

Now is the time to improve your fitness! #fitness

I can help you. You can workout with me online or in person. #FITwithAngee

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